Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Branston 9-10 weeks and Wessex show!

 Branston is settling in so well, he is a fun confident puppy and very quick to pick new things up! He is sleeping through at night from about 11 - 5.30am which isn't too bad although I'm a bit like a zombie at the moment! 😂 We normally have a little training session for his brekkie and a good play and chew before everyone else wakes up. Then sometimes we go for a walk/carry with Brodie or Brooke and sometimes he stays home so he doesn't always go with the big dogs. He has been really good about being in the van while I'm working. I schedule pee breaks every 1.5 hours and he enjoys coming out for a potter around and to meet my clients and their dogs (if appropriate) Here is his 9-10 week video! ❤

On friday I did a Jenny Kimber workshop with Spark which was fun but quite soggy! Spark was great and it was also good to bring Branston and practice some crate games. I discovered he wasn't keen on horses so that was good to work on! 

We went to Wessex show on saturday, Branston was so confident and happy to play with various people in day parking (he is too young to be allowed around the rings yet) 

Stealing his uncle Finlays toy! 

And stealing his Auntie Zeph's toy before waving it in her face!!

Spark was a good girly and won a jumping and had a good E in an agility on a fun course, the competing gingers didn't have such a good day! Her little paw in this pic makes me laugh! 💜

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