Friday, 11 December 2020

Hoopers UK show - Brooke gets the Golden Hoop Award!

The above photo says it all! What a clever little Brooke Bean 💚 We went to our first Hoopers UK show and what a brilliant show! We only had Brodie and Brooke entered as the original date of the show clashed with a workshop that Bru was on in the evening so he wasn't entered. Brooke has hardly ever run or trained with Matthew so the fact they nailed FOUR clear rounds was amazing! And as she was the only dog to do so they won the Golden Hoop award for being the most consistent partnership on the day! She was very excited about it! Individually she came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in her classes with some tough competition!

Brodie also loved his day out and in Veteran (bear in mind he is against dogs that are over 8 and he is almost 14!!) He got two 1sts and a 2nd! 💙

Here is a couple of runs from each dog!

I had to include these photos as they are the cutest! Brodie was very cross that we had washed his bed so he thought he'd get into the washing basket 😂

The dogs and I have been trying to get out for the occasional longer walk which is a battle when we are working and it gets dark so quickly. I managed to catch does her tongue fit in her mouth?!

And the cutest little pounce! 

Rare photo of me but I am making good use of my Christmas mask that my Mum in law made me, its very comfy!

The dogs are currently on an agility break, the last bit I did with Spark was a workshop with Jenny and she had a brilliant time! 💜 She even managed to stay out of the van for the entire 1.5 hours without driving everyone nuts!

Bru hasn't had much of a mention bless him! His tricep muscle is all fixed but he won't be doing agility until Kelluki before Christmas...hopefully he will remember what he is doing! 💛 He loves snuggling with his auntie!


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