Thursday, 19 November 2020

Gridwork and wet walkies

 I have been struggling to fit in work with the winter weather this week, it seems to be a never ending round of doing admin and shuffling people around. I hate having to cancel people! The positives from this are that I can spend more time walking my dogs and hanging out with them which is good for the soul ❤ 

I haven't managed to do much agility recently with our dogs (Bru has been out of action but he did do some hoopers this week) I have done some gridwork with the girls and its given me a kick up the butt to do it more often as it has so many benefits. Here is a little compilation

And some distance work with Spark as the ground has been too soggy for handlers to run around much!

I know I am particularly geeky but I could watch dogs doing grids all day, coming from a horsey background I know how much a rider can influence jump style and take off fir a horse whereas our agility dogs have to work it out for themselves! Well set up grids make such a difference to their confidence and technique

Some random pics from the last couple of weeks!

The first time ever that Bru has actually stayed on his back for tummy tickles! 

It was time to dig out the waterproof onesies! 

Sables and leaves are a tricky photo combination...thank goodness he has white on him!

Apart from making Christmas cake I also baked some ginger cookies today... I seem to have made masses though!

Out on our walk past the village pond today we saw the rock snake that people have been adding to!

The older two managed a clean dry pavement walk today! 

Whereas the younger two had a muddy field walk!

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