Thursday, 8 October 2020

Bru gets promoted!

 Bru did his first Beyond Grade 7 workshop with Dan this week, he has always been in the younger dog group but he got bumped up a group! He coped really well with it and they managed the whole course at the end with only a little blip at the weaves as Matt got in his way 😂💛 Here is a compilation of what they did

We have a hoopers show this weekend so hope that the weather stays dry, we have had so much rain recently! The roads round us have been flooded over the weekend, they looked like rivers 😮 It suddenly feels colder and is getting dark so early.

The doglets waiting for Matt outside the village shops...collie vs shelties!

Bru's first Aframe photo from the show!

It finally stopped raining on Monday lunchtime and Bean and I enjoyed sitting out in the sun with a cuppa

My two have been really snuggly and cute over the last couple of days. Toad has discovered the sofa and Spark has even decided that she can share a bed with him!! 

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