Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Tuffley, RVA and Ruffs!

Long post alert!!

The boys were superstars at RVA on the Friday, Brodie won the G6-7 jumping and Bru won his C1-7 steeplechase! The girls were brilliant in champ, both had a pole in the jumping and Brooke missed her dog walk contact in the agility round. We had a dog swap so I was running Brooke and Matt had Spark! Unfortunately the courses were pretty straightforward so with 5f in each round she didn't make the final. Spark was 7th in the agility round and unfortunately got E'd in the final!

Here are some videos
Brooke champ jumping

Toad jumping...so many front crosses!

Spark champ agility

Bru steeplechase

You wouldn't think these two are related!! 😂😂

Brooke in my office after some training!

Waiting for breakfast!

Spark approves of her new paddling pool!

The day after RVA we went to Tuffley, the girls were doing champ and the boys had a jumping run each. Bru failed to get weaves in his course and took a few attempts but managed to win it with 10 faults!! I accidentally eliminated Toad in his run as I thought he had hit a pole but he hadn't...what a wally! Brooke got E'd in champ but did some super cool stuff with Matt. Spark and I made the champ final and then messed it up three jumps from the end! 

Spark redeemed herself this weekend by winning the CSJ Qualifier at Ruffs UKA! She was a super girly and appreciated her trophy!! That is all four competing dogs qualified for the Grand Finals now!

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