Thursday, 31 January 2019

Sparkle is 6!! And snow arives!

My little puppy is 6 today!! How did that happen? I thought seeing as I was snowed off today that I could update my blog which seemed like a better idea than doing any housework!

She is such a pretty, goofy little girly and I love her to the moon and back! 💜 Looking forward to seeing what this year brings for us. I haven't done any training with her apart from some contacts and grids in my field so here is an old video of us playing in the sunshine instead!

We have had snowy walks the last couple of days and the doglets have been having fun out walking while I've been off work. Poor Brax has had a pancreatic flare up so has been staying inside in the warm. 

Brodie modelling his equafleece onsie...perfect for keeping the mud off but he does look funny!

My office currently looks like this! 

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