Thursday, 17 January 2019

M&M's January

We have been really lucky with the weather up until now in January. We have even got some training with our own dogs in! This is the gang waiting for Matthew while he was in the post office. Notice the colour coding, everyone has their own colour to avoid confusion!

A couple of cute snuggly pics! They are loving our sofas, even Brodie who has never been a snuggler has decided that being on the sofa is pretty good, despite having Bru curling up with him! 

We went to M&M's show at the weekend and these two did really well! Brooke bean won her jumping and Brodie won the steeplechase. Bru and Spark did some brilliant nfc work and Spark had a really good 'almost' run in the jumping with me just pushing her round the wrong side of a jump. Brodie had a play on the contacts and did really fact he was a little bit too excited!! We have entered the next show and hopefully by then Bru will be ready to try weaves and some contacts in the ring...eeek! 

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