Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Adams and my Birthday Bonsai!

It was my birthday last week and I got well and truly spoilt! One of my pressi's was Bertie the bonsai from one of my friends. I am going to attempt to keep him alive for as long as possible as my track record with plants is not good! He is a Buddhist pine which is a type of Yew.

I took the medium crew to Adams agility for a day out and they did so well! Dolly was a little star winning her jumping class and her agility (with faults) so she is Grade 4 with two jumping wins! Brodie did a stonking couple of clears but was one out of the placings in each. Love my boy! Spark had an amazing run in the agility but got E'd on a jumping bit. Her contacts were great! She won a jumping class too and would have won the other jumping except for a pole. I think she is still building strength after time off with her hamstring injury.

 Brooke bean has been looking better this week and has had a couple of straight line runs off lead. She loves putting her feet up after a busy day!

As I had no lesson this week I took my lot to the field to do a bit with them (not Brax as she is still getting over being poorly)

Sparkly did some nice work, I have been running her in leg wraps to help her be more aware of her feet when jumping but they also make contacts easier to see!

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