Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sparklelina goes Gradey 5!!

One of my goals for this year was to finish the season with Sparkle in Grade 5 as its a nice place to be going into next year competing. She isn't consistently going clear enough on the lower grade courses to be Grade 6 yet and we still have work to do on our contacts and weaves over winter. I am pleased with her five runs at Dog Vegas (one agility....see below and four jumpings) In two of her jumpings it was just the weaves that let her down and in one it was wrong end of tunnel that got us E'd. So actually we are getting far less E's which is good! The video below shows her only agility run of the weekend and the refusal and pole were totally my fault for late cues. So happy with her contacts tho!

The other nice thing about being in G5 is that she can have a winter of just doing jumping runs at monthly winter shows to get her used to tackling some 5-7 courses. I have also found a couple of shows where she can do some nfc contacts :-)

Dolly was a good girl at the show getting a 2nd in G4 jumping. Her weaves weren't very confident to start with but got better the more she did. She is so very close to getting her Bronze agility warrant now! My Brodie boy was fabulous, at almost 9 he got a 1st and 2nd in 6-7 agility classes beating some dogs quarter of his age and much taller-he really is a little superstar! The pic above show the lovely trophies we got.

Brooke continues to recover well from her operation and is having her stitches out tomorrow. She is being a perfect little patient and very good about being on rest. Will do a proper Brooke update next time. We have sheltie show coming up this weekend which we are running-eek! Lots of shelties in one place is always great tho and I love watching them compete :-D 

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