Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Holiday time and Brooke's operation

We spent last week in Wales on holiday and caught up with my family for my Aunts 70th birthday. It was lovely to see everyone and the cake my Mum had made was amazing! My cousin who is very talented at art had done drawings of the family and my Mum had drawn them onto the cake. My sister had made models to sit on a toy train that went round the edge too :-)

Matts Mum and Dad joined us on the first weekend and we went for a lovely sunny walk

And played some games when my Mum and Amy came over...spot Sparkle snuggling with mu Mum!

Our cottage was lovely and the dog friendly garden got the thumbs up from this lot!

We walked round some beautiful castles

Shelties in an oven!

Sparkle had a thing about looking out of the windows!

Brax with a halo! :-)

Dog friendly cottage was great!

Walking at Dinefwr, such a lovely sunny week!

We drove over the Brecon Beacons-the views were amazing

The weather was nice enough to sit out on the patio-Brooke enjoyed cuddles!

Walking at Ferryside...the jellyfish were disgusting!

But the views were beautiful, all the better for doglets in the picture!

We carried Brooke Bean down to the beach 

And she got to visit my Mum and sister in their holiday cottage for a meal

So when we got back from Wales Brooke had an operation to remove her biceps tendon. Its complicated to explain but she had a lot of calcium deposits in her tendon and despite rest she was still lame. As soon as she exercised again it aggravated the tendon and it flared up again (no blood supply to tendons so no healing) Patrick our vet thought it best to cut the tendon loose as it stops the cycle of inflammation and he explained that dogs don't actually need biceps tendons and can function normally without. We are keeping fingers, toes and paws crossed that she makes a full recovery and can go back to all the things she loves! But first we are in for a long slog of 12-16 weeks cage rest and then very slow careful rehab work. I will post updates on her but if anyone knows/has a dog who has had a biceps tenotomy operation I would love to hear from you! 

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