Thursday, 15 November 2012

Post holiday catch up

I have been meaning to write a catch up since returning from hols at the weekend but never seem to find enough time to sit down and do it!

My phone will not connect to my laptop at the moment so no pictures this time - will do a proper holiday/agility workshop catch up when technology working again! We had a fantastic time in the Cotswolds (not very far away I know!) just Matthew, me and the dogs. Lots of beautiful places to visit but best bit was the amazing walks from the door. Three days we did 12-14 miles from the door and the bonus was we found some lovely dog friendly pubs :) It was my idea of heaven being able to walk miles just chatting and laughing at the dogs antics. Brax particularly made me chuckle as gone is the little shivering diva and back is a proper madam with serious attitude!!

New hairy addition to the Burdett family coming soon - watch this space as photos are on phone. I forgot that I had not introduced her on my blog - oops!

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