Monday, 26 November 2012

Girls training videos

Yesterday we went to the field to do some training with the sheltie girls and Dolly. Jenni's sheltie Rommy is taking it easy as he has been having physio for a sore back so she ran little Brax for the first time. Since Bracken has been on tablets for her thyroid problem the difference has been amazing! I have been getting her agility fit by gradually increasing the jump heights. This video is her first proper run at 300mm (UKA toy height) for a long time. No measuring, stuttering or lack of confidence - our Brax is back!! Still love her seesaw :)  Please excuse the shaky video!

Matthew ran Princess Brooke and thought he'd try some harder stuff with her - I was particularly impressed with this run. You may want to turn the volume down though!

And this is one of her getting with weaves and A frame. She was a bit unsure of her weaves yesterday and kept coming out at the 10th pole but we realised once we'd got home that she has never done weaves with her carpal wraps on so her legs probably feel a bit weird! There were three things in particular that I loved about this run - Matthew was fab at cueing her early with his feet which gets her soooo much tighter, she 'hugged' the apex of the A frame instead of launching herself into space and she is starting to tighten on her rear crosses as you can see her turning in the air over the jump before the weaves. In four training sessions she has only had one pole down and her jumping style is so much better since her back was sorted.

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  1. FAB! FAB! Just FAB!!! The girls did so well! Brax is amazing after she is on her tablet. The old Bracken is back!! WooHoo! What can I say about Brooke! She is just cracking, not that I am biased LOL. She's is a super Rising Star!