Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Brooke 20 weeks - Proprioception work

We have had a weekend off doing agility as my Mum was down visiting. We had a fab time and Brooke thought that 'nanna' was VERY exciting!! She has lost three out of four of her canine teeth now and is starting to look like a mini adult rather than a puppy. Brooke has learnt a new trick this week which is walking backwards over or onto something.

If only we had know about this fun foundation training when Brax and Brodie were pups. For a start Brax would be less clumsy! :) Exercises like these help the puppy learn proprioception or 'the ability to know where their limbs are in relation to other objects' She is very good and fast at going forwards but we want her to THINK about what she is doing and be able think through a task slowly and use her legs independently. As you can see from these two videos she enjoys this work!

The pole and wobble cushion are not too high (still below her hocks) as we don't want to strain her joints or muscles and we are encouraging her to use her back end as she is quite a long puppy! When she was on the wobble cushion, Matthew managed to get her 'being a bear' briefly which helps with her core stability as well as her balance. She is such a superstar puppy!! :)

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  1. Clever girlie on the wobble board :) Just love them when there growing, cute & funny at this stage :)