Monday, 14 March 2011

Crufts 2011

Brax went to Crufts on thursday to compete in the Mini/Mixi pairs with her handsome partner Saturn. Lian and Matthew have been doing the pairs competitions with Saturn and Brax for a couple of years now and they make a great team! Here is a clip of their run that earned them 4th place! (Thanks to Lian for the clip!)
Brax and Saturn pairs 2011

Here are the two of them posing with their rosettes! For more photos please see Lians blog as she has some great pics of the teams as well.

The ESSC had qualified a medium team for Crufts as well and they did us proud in the team event on friday, getting 2nd in the qualifiers and 3rd in the finals!! Well done to Lisa, Bernadette, Lian and Eleanor and their shelties for showing everyone how amazing these dogs are :)

We really enjoyed watching all of the action at Crufts and of course we had to do a bit of shopping as well! Its great to visit so many dog shops under one (huge!) roof. We came away with some cosy new beds for the dogs and some treats. We also managed to see Caroline from Galen therapy who kindly gave Brax a warm up massage before her pairs competition. Brax did have a minor wobbly moment in the arena as she saw herself on the big screen that hangs above the arena. Hence Matthew doing a running start with her to take her mind off it!!

Brax and Saturn - aren't they photogenic?!


  1. You will be so proud of Matthew & Bracken they did fantastic! Saturn & Bracken make such a cute pair :)

  2. Saturn and I are very proud to be able to partner with Matt & Brax. Aren't these sables do well? Double Clear! 4th! WOW! Thank you for being such a good partner! Sat sends licks to Brax xxx