Wednesday, 29 September 2010

End of Agility Season :(

Everyone should have a helpful sheltie!!
Last weekend we had our last KC agility show for ages at Hare n Hounds. The weather was kind to us and the dogs had a great time. Matthew ran Brodie for me as I (as usual) didn't compete until the sunday. I think its fair to say that the depth of talent in the medium classes was immense!! Hare n Hounds is a relatively small show so all of the classes bar one are combined 1-7 or 4-7 with only one graded agility class. Brodie was up against Steven Richardson's Sweep, Cathy Shaws amazing Toller, Adam Wildman and his Kelpie Zoom, Sue White and Bug and Gary Cummings with Ellie so altogether a very strong bunch of grade 7 dogs, not to mention the ones I don't know! I was thrilled with Brodie getting a 4th with Matthew in a C1-7 which he repeated with me on Sunday (on a easy course with no weaves!). He also got a 3rd in C4-7 agility and would have won the graded agility if he had been in any grade but 7!! Those fast dogs on easy courses meant we were 5th, out of the placings but still very proud of my wee man!!

Brax was great and got a couple of wins and numerous places although possibly wasn't on full power. We are going to get them checked out by the physio now that the main agility season is over just to give them an MOT! Our winter training is going to concentrate on some groundwork exercises to get them spatially aware and using their brains as well as their muscles! The video is Brodie learning to co-ordinate walking backwards over a pole, perfect training for wet days!


  1. Congrats for the good wins!!! Clever Brodie and Brax : )

    Thanks for sharing the video as it taught me how to do it with Eva : )

  2. Well done! Time for the handlers to recharge their batteries for next season! Our dogs are so looked over, hope all goes well with their check up!