Monday, 1 June 2009

We had a weekend off agility competitions and while Matthew was off being in charge of a stag do, me and the woofs spent Sunday at Sheltie Camp! This is the third year that I have been and it is so fun to meet up with sheltie mad people and have a go at all of the different activites.

The trainers are brilliant and encourage everyone to have a go at agility, obedience, scent work and heel work to music. I did a bit with both dogs and it is fun for them too. Brodie has been going since he was a puppy and has learnt a lot over the years. It was amazing to see that despite not doing any tracking work since last year, both dogs were able to locate various objects that Trisha was placing in the grass. Even Brodie was quite good this year!!

The agility training was fun as it gave me the chance to reinforce Brax on her contacts in a environment that is very similar to a competition. With Beckys help I was doing running contacts with Brodie and he was striding them well which was reassuring to learn. However a lot of it is to do with the speed I'm going at and my position, so I've got something to work at!

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