Monday, 15 June 2009

The dogs had a fun weekend at Thames show and wow was it hot!! I resemble a stripy lobster this morning, despite the use of sun cream - possibly growing up in Scotland did not prepare me well for the hot days here!!

Brax was a little superstar all weekend but I have always said she is solar powered as the heat seems to suit her well. On the saturday she managed a 12th in the C1-7 Euk mini agility and got 2nd in the Euk pairs partnered by Lian and Saturn. I'm so proud of them all as there was 115 pairs and both shelties tried their heart out. Lian has a video of the pairs run on her blog which is From the video you can see Brax nearly misses her weave entry but Matthew managed to pull it off and not stand on her!

On the sunday, Brodie had done all his runs by 2pm and Brax hadn't done any! Brodie and I had a blast in the C1-7 Olympia agility as it was a nice course and I think its good to test some of the handling skills that you don't get to try in 1-2 classes. He did me proud except missing his dog walk (my fault tho!) and the last jump (prob his fault!). Anyway, he redeemed himself by getting 3rd in the graded 1-2 agility. Yet again we got eliminated in the jumping as I pushed him into the wrong end of the tunnel! He tried hard tho so I was pleased as he hadn't competed for a few weeks.

Brax on the sunday was fab! She won the grade 5 jumping and got 15th in the Olympia 1-7 agility-pretty good as there was over 200 dogs in it! She also got 12th in C3-5 agility but the best thing of the day was that she a proper 2 on 2 off contact AT A SHOW!!!!! Matthew held her on it for ages hence 12th but it was worth it!

Anyway, at the moment I am sitting quietly not wanting to upset my sunburn and the dogs have had a walk and are now fast asleep. Next week we are off the Axstane and Brodie and I are trying a Special Connection class - whatever that is...!!

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  1. Well done Brax and thank you for pairing with us! We must take a picture of Brax & Saturn next week at Axstane.

    Also well done Brodie.