Thursday, 10 March 2022

Bru makes the next stage of selection for Team GB!

 Bru went to the Pre Selection Qualifier a couple of weekends ago and had four of the hardest courses he has ever competed over to prove he was worthy of progressing to the next stage of Team GB selection. We know that weaves are his weakness and the weather was not on his side as we hadn't been able to practice weaves or contacts for three weeks with him! 😫 As predicted he missed every weave entry but only got one elimination over the four courses and made it through to the AWC (Agility World Championships) tryouts! 💛 He also got selected for the EO (European Open) tryouts as well!! The tryout weekends are in a couple of weekends time so watch this space! Now it is a bit nicer and the ground has dried out we will attempt to actually practice with him. Here is one of his runs

Tired Rupert!! 

Bru and Brooke competed at Hoopers a couple of weekends ago, they were fantastic! Again due to the weather they hadn't done much but both won a couple of classes 😍

Brooke found competing very exhausting...she needed a Toad pillow!! 

Uncle and Nephew

Mr Toad on Harpenden common

My little helper setting up at 'the office' First week back teaching there for a while...finally! 

Our phantom post box topper crocheter has made this for St Patricks Day, its so cute! 

Branston had a go at Mantrailing last week, he was a natural and really enjoyed finding his 'misper' who is showing him her scent article here. 

Lian kindly invited us to visit and Bru got to do some training with his super brother Siri who also made it through to the next stage of the tryouts! Here is Brooke and her brother Sonic who is Bru and Siri's dad and Branstons grandad ❤

And a recent Branston can see them all on YouTube if you click on the 'burdett shelties' link 

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