Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Branston 6 months old!

I have been having so much fun doing bits with Branston pickle! Now he has got all of his adult teeth we are back to playing tuggy again and I have been testing his toy play at different places (local fields and commons as well as a friends agility field) When Matthew had a workshop with Bru at the dog barn I managed to hire the ourdoor arena for the others. This is a record for myself of what we have been doing as well! We are following Dan Shaws online puppy foundation course and having great fun working through the exercises. With my own clients I am never in a hurry until they have their foundations right...for example there is no point the dogs learning contacts if they can't happily turn round, sit and lie down on a dog walk width plank! It helps keep them fit and injury free if they understand how to use their bodies well. I'm so lucky that Lian encourages her pups to explore and be confident on new surfaces and Branston is pretty good at knowing where his feet are 😁 I have done a few wraps round a cone at home and shaped it but this is his first time being asked to tight turn on a barrel and accelerate out of the turn. I don't use wings until I know they have value, understanding and the strength to wrap properly! He isn't ready for curvy tunnels just yet but he is enjoying learning straight ones! The main thing at the moment is that we generally don't do the same thing more than a couple of times a week...its nice to mix it up for their brains and their bodies!

At the weekend we did a trick workshop with Nicola Smith of Lucky Dog training. It was Brans first proper workshop and he was brilliant!! We learnt lots of new things and he focused so well in a room full of dogs! 


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