Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Stowe visit

We heard this week that masks are becoming mandatory in shops from next friday and there will be a £100 fine for people who don't comply. I agree that it is a sensible idea, there was sadly 136 deaths yesterday over a 24 hour period so we are far from out of this pandemic. To be honest I have avoided shops on the whole and done pay at pump when getting petrol as I don't want to be around people too much!

At the end of last week Matt and I had a couple of training sessions and a walk at Stowe as we needed a change of scene and some time to oursleves. It was lovely to have a wander round the gardens and we hardly scratched the surface but hopefully we will go back soon!

Bru had ripped a dew claw at training so he didn't get to walk!

I got a new phone and have been trying to play around with the camera a bit, love a Bean nose pic!

Tired little Rupert!

Tired Spark taking up the whole sofa! 

Pimms with home grown strawberries and mint!

I love these frilly petunias! 

Had a lovely late walk yesterday, it was so peaceful!

I brought this plant from the garden centre, its called a Celosia (I think!) my friend thinks it looks like Stickle bricks so she has been named Stella stickelbricks!

My handsome little boy! He has been fixed by Sally physio and enjoyed his first hoopers session yesterday!

And first courgette cake of the year! 

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