Wednesday, 12 June 2019


So the next two weekends we spent at Quadpaws which was great for some NFC contacts with Bru, Spark was out of action due to coming into season early, Brodie and Brooke had a few runs and Matt ran Helens Toby in Masters! The first Saturday was the Beginners Steeplechase qualifier and Bru WON it so is off to the Grand Finals at the end of October! 💛

Here is his run, he clocked 5.9 mps in this!! 

Matt did really well with Toby in Masters as well, he was clear in the jumping with a wobble before the weaves but unfortunately had faults in the agility. Both courses were tricky! Here is there jumping run

Brodie had so much fun in casual, here is his 2nd place! 

And I managed to win a couple of jumpings with Brooke bean! 

Bru's contacts are coming on nicely, here is him playing nfc doing dog walk and aframe

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