Monday, 15 May 2017

T&A show and some chilling!

Mr and Mrs Toad having a bit of a chill out this weekend after a busy day on Saturday! Brooke loves to do froggy legs, she frogs at dogs and people that she really likes :-D

Sometimes the cheapest toys are the best! Can't beat a manky old milk bottle!

All the girls wanted it, even Diddle!

Group photo, Toad wanted to be off mousing, not posing!

We went to T&A show on Saturday and had a lovely day out, met up with lots of friends and the dogs had fun. Brodie and Sparks first class of the day was a tricky agility which neither went clear in but somehow Toad came 2nd with 8 faults!! He ran round the tunnel under the Aframe and got time faults too! He also won the LH 5-7 jumping, really pleased as loved the course set by Wendy Clay. Here is his jumping run

Spark started well on the same course but it all went a bit wrong half way round, she redeemed herself by winning the C4-7 helter-skelter and Brooke bean came 2nd in her height! It was a proper helter-skelter and a great blast for the end of the day :-D 

The gingers had fun with Sparks toy!!

Have some very exciting news that I'm not allowed to say anything about yet but hopefully soon as not sure I can keep it secret much longer!!

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