Thursday, 6 April 2017

Bad me...lazy blogger!

Little Brax is doing much better as she is now on blood pressure meds as well as her new kidney diet. She is also seeing our wonderful physio for a twice weekly laser treatment which seems to have perked her up and her kidney values are much better on her recent blood test! She also had my Mum (aka Nana!) staying over the weekend and that has perked her up no end :-D We love having my Mum to stay! Had such a great weekend!

Nice walk in Wendover woods with my Mum and the two invalids!

Toad and Bean had a busy weekend doing Rally training on the sheltie training day. They both worked for my Mum and did really well, she is a natural! Bean disgraced herself by rolling in fox poo which was gross and made my Mum realise she isn't actually that lady like after all! Brooke did a couple of lovely aframes which means we might be brave and try some contacts in the ring this weekend. They are all coming along so nicely, her jump work is still a bit weak but that is probably due to my timing more than anything! 

On friday we had the go ahead to start bringing Sparkler back into work...yay!!! She has had eight weeks of lead walking and is so unfit mentally and physically having not done anything. All her balance work was out too cos of her knee. She won't be ready to do much for a while yet but in anticipation we have entered her first champ..eek! Don't want to hurry her getting back into work too soon but shame I have paid for a couple of workshops. Brooke and Toad will be doing one and I am being loaned a friends collie for the champ skills one which will be great fun!

I borrowed Dino for a young dogs workshop yesterday and he was cool! Need to work on wing wrap commitment but so pleased with how he is coming on :-D 

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