Thursday, 16 June 2016

Good news for Brooke!

Here are a couple of pics that Matt took of my two at UKA a couple of weeks ago, I love how happy Toad is! The fact that Spark coped with having her pic taken (she hates it!) is brilliant!

Couldn't resist a posing pic of my handsome boy <3 p="">

Brooke is soooo photogenic! Good news for our little Bean, Sally physio has given her the all clear to start more off lead work, some cavaletti and low grid work!! It is amazing to think how far she has come. She might even get back in the ring this season doing what she loves best :-)

I put together this little video charting her progress at hydrotherapy since Jan..what a difference!

Brax is feeling better too, she seems to be eating ok now that we put her on digestive enzymes. Fingers crossed we can put some weight on her now.

Sparkle had a great time at Godmanchester show. She is in G5 limbo so it was nice just to practice her seesaw position in her two agility runs. She managed to win both of them and come 2nd in the steeplechase! It was lovely having my Mum along to watch as she got videos as well! Brodie wasn't so lucky as his sat nav was rubbish!

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