Thursday, 12 November 2015

Random pics and a Brooke update

This photo really cracks me up-Sparkles tongue is so funny and Brodies ears are so cute and so is Bracken!

Brodie got wet on a evening walk (in the dark-boo!) He ended up wearing Sparkles cow coat and wow he is so handsome he can pull anything off!

The younger two love their sofa cuddles! Brooke is only allowed on the sofa supervised and isnt allowed to jump off. She generally likes it there so much that she doesn't want to get off!

Brooke is doing well at being rested, she is such a good girly. I am worried that she has a boring life but she seems to cope ok. I'm not sure how her leg is healing as she isn't allowed to walk anywhere until January. I try and take her places to sit and watch things-she is a curious Bean!

I also scatter food in teh grass for her in various places and she loves playing that game! You can see her hair is growing in well :-)

Mr Toad had agility on Tuesday as Sparkle is still on her months rest. Here is the little dude shouting at me for his turn!

And here is a video of what we did. He is getting good at the Euro turns and really loving his agility. Can't believe he is almost nine!

I have been doing a lot of balance and strengthening work with the dogs both in the field and at home as they love it! It is good rainy day stuff as well and boy have we had some rain recently! Balancing shelties...

And Miss Twinkle toes doing some cavaletti!


  1. Sound like you're having fun at the mo! Loving your cow coat!

    1. Thank you! The cow coat is great-wish I had got two!! :D