Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Road trip to Scotland :)

We decided to go to East Lothian show as it is only a few miles down the road from my Dad and we hadn't been since Brooke was a baby. We know a lot of people who compete up there so it was lovely to catch up with them and spend some time with my Dad and Lesley. And of course it would not be complete without a play on the beach!

Despite the very warm weather, the two younger dogs really enjoyed playing ball in my Dads garden-they both found a tennis ball so were very pleased!

The sunsets were amazing as well-it didn't rain once while we were there. I always forget how light it is later up there-this was taken at 10.15pm.

We went to the show on Saturday only and met up with Yvonne who has Ellie and Khandi. Ellie is Brodies little half sister-they do look alike! :) Ellie did really well getting a G6 win and 2nd place.

Our doglets really enjoyed doing agility, I still can't believe how well they all did! Brooke did three classes and won G5-7 agility, G5-7 jumping and was 3rd in G1-6 agility (one pole but fastest time). It was her last G5 show so she went out with a bang! This was the run with the pole down but it was really good!

The two older dogs were only entered in champ. Brax got E'd in the agility but did a stonking run in the jumping to finish 3rd!

Brodie had 5f on the dog walk in the agility (cheeky!) and was 7th in the champ jumping so got through to the final. Only 9 dogs out of 40 made it through and I knew with the course being tricky that I need to work every bit! He was an absolute dude and went clear (bit hairy at times!) and finished with the Reserve Champ ticket!!! Love my little boy! What was so lovely was that tri sheltie boys won the small Champ ticket and small Reserve too. What a handsome and talented bunch! After Brodie having a hamstring injury I wasn't sure how he would run at his first show back but he was great-he really is my dog in a million!! :-)

Here is the video of the champ final and yes I did almost fall over at the jump before the A frame-my bad knee was playing up!

Here is the obligatory sofa picture!! All three shelties this week-good to see Mr Toad and Brax back up there again!

Miss Sparkle hasn't had much of a look in so here is a pic of her doing 12 upright weaves which we have just sussed out!

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  1. The shelties had a fab weekend! Great runs and placings well done! Was nice catching up and seeing Brooke all grown up. Lovely picture of Brodie and Ellie they are so alike!