Thursday, 13 December 2012

Visit to Grandma's house!

On Sunday we took the dogs to Lian and Colin's farm to spend a day with the Knights shelties. We got thoroughly spoilt and we treated to a lovely roast lamb dinner and long sheltie walk followed by another yummy meal and then sitting chatting in front of the fire with loads of tired shelties - perfect!

Lian took some amazing photos of our bunch, here are a few of them :)

Little diddle with her muddy face - her hair is growing back in nicely now.

My lovely Brodie - he just LOVES tennis balls!

Whereas Brooke puppy is more of a cage ball fan!

Who me?!! Muddy?! (Out of ten all shelties, she was the worst!)

Brax trying to kick Brookes butt!

Almost all of the shelties - little Seny was too wriggly to sit still! The wind caught all of their ears in this picture - they look funny! The house in the background is Lian and Colins farm house on the Ridge. We had such a lovely sunny day :)

My little toad posing!

I have been really busy this week, it always seems mad running up to Christmas. I took a minute out to video Brodie doing some proprioception work indoors. He loves earning his breakfast doing fun things like this! 


  1. Awww I'm so jealous luck you! Looks like you had a fab day! Awww bless Brodie, how clever is he! Can he teach Ellie how to crunch her food please :)

  2. It was very good to have you all here. Shelties heaven!