Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rainy Day Contacts!

At the weekend we did a bit of work on the contact trainer with Brooke and Brodie. Brooke isn't allowed off lead or to do too much so we thought we would shape a 2o/2o with her as she loves anything like that. The physio said to keep up her proprioception work and Brooke is getting very good at shaping different behaviours. Once they are doing full equipment its so easy to forget about the basic foundation and fitness stuff!

Here is Brooke puppy having a game on the contact trainer :)

Brodie has always done a running contact but thought there was no harm teaching him a 2o/2o as its just another behaviour at the end of the day. My dogs know different cues = different behaviours on jumps (go, left, right, dig, wrap) so why not on contacts? Brodie is a great guinea pig!! I did shape it first and will try and get a better video of him reversing his feet onto it :)

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