Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brooke 6 months Birthday!

Brooke celebrated her half birthday with a lovely walk in the morning, a big biscuit at lunch and a fun time at school in the evening!

Here are the shelties on their early morning walk
Brooke had fun at school again and I finally managed to take some little videos of her. (I must explain that Matthew is wearing smart trousers and trainers because he had just driven from his work in Kent and hasn't got time to go home first! ) The first video is her doing turns off lead and from watching this back I think we'll do obedience if agility doesn't work out - what a trot!!

This video is Brooke practising her elephant trick but as with all behaviour, its very different with distractions present. She is tentative and unsure as her box is a lot smaller and she doesn't normally have 6 dogs watching her! Bless her she manages ok with a bit of help from Matthew.

The last video is Brooke going through the straight pipe tunnel which she loves!


  1. Awww bless what a trot she has :) Loves the tunnel! Was that another wee sheltie after her?

  2. Yes that was her good friend Norman who is a month younger than her - he is seriously cute!!

  3. Happy Half Birthday Brooke! She is absolutely gorgeous! I am bias, of course! She is doing very well at training, I think Sonic gets very jealous just watching her :D

    Looking forward to seeing her again!