Monday, 21 February 2011

Team Training - Brax

We went to the WAO team training yesterday. Brax did alright at the exercises but it has highlighted a few areas we need to work on. Her stamina and general fitness isn't great at the moment and she found it hard working in the mud. She doesn't walk in mud given the choice let alone run around in it, what a diva!! She has stopped dead in the ring before and refused to move so I was impressed Matt got any work out of her at all :) Brax also still appeared to be a bit tentative when she was running so there may still be some 'niggles' that need sorting out. She has got another physio appointment booked for the week of Crufts. She is competing in the Mini/Mixi pairs with her handsome partner Saturn, go the shelties!!

Here is the only video I got from training before my batteries died!

Brodie didn't miss out on having some agility fun, we went to a Dave Munnings training day and learnt lots. Brodie worked well and we did a lot of work on serpetines - I think we may have conquered our fear of pull throughs!! :)


  1. Ha Ha Ha she is such a diva LOL! Good to hear you had a good session with both the doggies! Can't wait to watch you all in action :)

  2. Looking very good, Brax! Can't wait for the pairs again!