Monday, 26 April 2010

New Agility Arena!!

I'm such a bad blogger! So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I don't know where to start!! We have been to Scotland to see my folks, done two competitions and had the new arena finished at work. I'm going to shamelessly advertise this new facility as I think its fantastic for agility training, especially with a young dog as its fully fenced. We (my boss, me and the other two trainers) did so much research for what surface to use and after debating for ages, we decided that artificial grass with a deep pile was going to be best for the dogs joints and for the humans running on it. We also teach a lot of puppy and pet dog classes so we decided against rubber or sand. I have run my two on it and its fantastic. Its 25x20m and we have a full set of equipment and also a 'mini' Aframe, dog walk and seesaw for younger dogs. I can see me being entertained in my lunch hours!!

Triche is hiring it out as well as doing classes for £20 an hour for up to 2 dogs (each subsequent dog is £5) or £10 for 30 minutes. The website for the kennels is and it doesn't have info on it about the arena yet but it does have contact details and a map. We will also be hiring it out for training days.

On the subject of work, we have an 14 year old Jack Russell in the kennels at the moment called Snowy who is looking for a home. His lady owner died and he has been taken on by Oldies Club which is a great charity specialising in rehoming veteran dogs. Unfortunately he didn't get on with the foster carers cats so he is staying with us at the moment. He is a very spritely 14 and certainly doesn't act his age!! He was recently castrated as he can be a bit too interested in the ladies and he is used to being an only dog so ideally he is looking for a quieter home where he would be the only animal. He still loves his walks and will happily potter around for an hour sniffing! If anyone knows a home for Snowy please let me know or call the kennel number 01582 794862.

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  1. I am so jealous! You are so lucky! Hope the wee man finds a home, so sad :(