Monday, 18 January 2010

Snow finally gone!

At last the snow has finally thawed out and we are starting to get back to our normal routine. Its so nice to walk the dogs without doing the 'penguin walking on ice' impression! I actually rode Max today, just a plod round the block as he hasn't been ridden for a few weeks and he didn't put a foot wrong. He then got a full clip to prepare him for getting fit again. I don't think that he was very impressed but it was great being back in the saddle!

The next thing on the list is to get the dogs back training again as they haven't done much recently due to Christmas and all the snow. I think it does them good to have time off but now we are desperate to get back into shape! Matthew and I have been planning our shows and its very exciting looking at all the schedules. Before we do any KC shows we have Crufts to prepare for! Bracken will be totally unfazed by it knowing her. Its so great that my mum is coming down from Scotland to watch her, we'll just have to make sure that Brax doesn't see her while shes in the ring!

I know what I'll be doing at work for the next week-puppy cuddles!! My boss has just got the cutest Italian Spinone puppy called Aero as she is a brown roan with spots. We walked our two to work yesterday to meet her. Brax was not interested at all (typical!) but Aero thought Brodie was fair game for a play!

On a sad note, my hamster who we had managed to revive unfortunately has died. I'm not sure why as he was well fed and warm but he was getting quite old so it might have been old age. Its very sad especially after we had 'saved' him a couple of weeks ago. Jaffa, we'll miss you and all your antics.

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