Monday, 30 November 2009

I've just got back from a wonderful few days in Spain with my friends Kate and Claire. We went out to Seville to a HUGE horse show only for Spanish bred horses. It was so big that even after walking around the show for two days, we still probably hadn't seen everything! Its a bit like Crufts but for one breed of dog only and much bigger. We saw everything from in-hand and ridden show classes, masses of shops, grand prix dressage, in hand work and an evening performance show. Unlike UK shows, we could wander round the mares and stallions stabling areas and the breeders had their own exhibition area with copious amounts of sherry!! The evening performance show was really unique, I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it before. One of the acts that bought tears to my eyes was a single horse being long reined and the harmony between handler and stallion was breathtaking. It was great to meet different people and it was lovely to have the chance to meet Kates mares breeder. Both him and his wife were so welcoming and you could tell they really care about their horses. It was lovely to go out to Spain with my friends and share such an awesome experience. I can't really do the trip justice in words or photos but here are some I took on my phone.

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