Monday, 27 July 2009

The woofs had a good weekend at the Agility Club show-Brodie came 2nd in the Starters Challenge Finals!! I'm so excited I haven't stopped grinning yet :-) I was worried that the atmosphere would affect Brodie (and me!) as he can get easily spooked by things round the ring but he did me proud although as Matthew said he did corner like an artic lorry!!

Brax however decided that the starters challenge was actually a 'take your own line' class and got eliminated despite Matthews best efforts to stop her being too wayward! We think she does better competing on Sundays as shes calmed down a bit by then! Brax didn't get any placing on the saturday but managed three on the sunday to make up for it. She got an excellent 10th in the KC 1-7, a 3rd in C3-5 agility and 5th in a very competitive C4-6 jumping.

Talking about Brodie getting easily spooked, our first run on sunday was in the C1-2 agility and unfortunately the dog walk was the third obstacle and the judge ran alongside it very close to Brodie and he lost the plot slightly!! Its something we have never come across before and for the rest of the course he kept stopping and looking at her so it was a bit of a disaster. We went straight into the c1-3 jumping which was a nice straightforward course and I mucked that one up by not giving him room for his weave entry. His best run of the day was in the KC 1-7 where we got 5 faults but he went like a rocket round most of it and just went past the second last jump
(again my fault!) ironically he did all the tricky bits quite well though!! I'm so proud of him though as its too easy to forget that hes still a bit of a baby. Next week is our first run as grade 3 and we are doing four classes so at least we get plenty of practise!!

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  1. I am sure you will be on cloud 9 for a little while! Well done Brodie! That's brialliant news! Look at that trophy, well earned!! I am dying to see Matt runs Brodie!!