Monday, 16 March 2009

I'm so proud of my lovely dogs! Brodie did his first KC show at Chippenham yesterday and it was Brackens first of the season. She was a clever girl and got a 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Best of it was that she managed to get her contacts in both her agility runs! Matthew has been working so hard all winter and it was nice to see that it has paid off. He just needs the confidence to know she can do it in the ring.

Brodie was my little superstar, he got clears in both his agility and jumping combined 1-3 classes and wasn't far from the placings. More importantly, he loved it!! He is quite a shy polite dog and I wondered whether the atmosphere would get to him but the only thing that slowed him down was the pole-pickers sitting round the edge of the ring! He got 5 faults in his graded 1-3 agility but the course was quite tricky with a couple of pull throughs and something we had never done, A frame straight into 12 off-set weaves. He missed his entry first time but I was so proud of him. He came third!! Out of thirty odd dogs, only 5 of us weren't eliminated!!

It struck me yesterday how agility really creates a special bond with your dog. To be able to go out in that exciting atmosphere and have your dog trust you enough to do what you ask is quite magical. Just to share that adrenaline buzz knowing your dog is also having a party out there is brilliant. Both my dogs are so amazing but then I'm biased!!

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  1. Well done Rhoda and Brodie. He was very good. I managed to watch all your runs and he was a good little dog! I hope Sizzle would be like him when we starting to compete.

    Also big well done to Matt & Brax. They are awesome! I think I need to work harder with Saturn to keep up or else you would kick me out of the pair!